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It's getting loco around here.

As I peek outside, and watch the snow fall, it makes me want some Hot Cocoa. You know, with some marshmallows in it, hot and frothy. Mmmmm, sounds delicious right? You know what would go great with that Cocoa? Is some more Cocoa. Coco-loco to be exact. But you definitely don't want to ingest this stuff.  Fox Farm has done it again with another great product. The Bush Doctor, Coco-loco is a Triple-Washed low salt content coco-coir ready to take your plants to the next level. It doesn't stop there with just coco coir. This stuff is loaded with a wicked ton of...stuff. Check it out on Fox Farm's website. Or stop by the store and pick up a bag.

Best Hydro Shop EVER Contest.

Alright friends, family, and fellow growers. It is now your time to let the world know, or maybe just Hortilux, that we are the Best Hydro Shop EVER! Hortilux has put together a contest starting next week, Monday the 13th to be exact. It will then run until Friday the 17th. In that time period, you can go to Hortilux's Facebook page, and/or Twitter page and vote for us, High Wire Hydroponics, as the Best Hydro Shop EVER. For contest rules and other mumbo jumbo you can click on this link here, http://eyehortilux.com/htlboston/. Thank you for all of your support right now, and later on.