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Mold VS Serenade

Ding, Ding, Ding, the fight is on against fungus this time of year. Cooler nights, heavy rain falls, and shorter days can bring to life all sorts of those nasty below the belt fighters. From Powdery mildew to some of the worst botrytis, different diseases can knock down any crop. But don't fear, Serenade has the knock OUT punch for these fungi. Consisting of a coffee colored, smelly concoction, full of Bacillus subtilis, when applied properly, Serenade will crush that unwanted guest in your garden.

This month we have set up a deal for you to combat the diseases that are brought on by the fall weather. Get one Bottle of Serenade concentrate, one shot glass, and one Rainmaker 2 gallon sprayer, all for $40.00! This package savings is over 20% off the MSRP price.