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Why am I so sticky?

Get your mind out of the gutter first of all. Gutters are no place for any part of the body, but when you do stick your hand in there to pull out all of those unwanted leaves, and maybe critters, you might find that you get a little sticky afterwards. It could be because of pine needles covered in pitch, your little brothers gummy bears that he loves to throw onto the roof for whatever crazy reason, or really anything that you have encountered in a gutter before. No matter how you got yourself into this sticky situation, you should use a product that will help out in a flash and leave you smelling sweetly. This is where Sticky Bye-Bye comes into play. It is BIO-degradable, and all natural, which means it works great with humans. Easily scoop a little onto your hands, rub them like you are trying to make a fire with a stick, then rinse off. BAM, no more stickiness. We love this product, it gets our approval.