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The Government clones things, so you can too.

Do you ever want to keep that one plant alive forever? Feeling like that is nearly impossible because nothing can live forever? Well, you're exactly right, your plant will most likely not live forever, but there is a way to keep those same genetics going for a very long time. Before you have a beautiful funeral for your plants, which will entail cutting them up, and throwing them into a stinky compost pile for maggots and worms to feed on, you should clone them. You wouldn't buy a "Wicked Hard to Use Cloner," you would buy an EZ Cloner. This cloning machine uses an aeroponic system to deliver the water and nutrients to the fragile little baby clones. Making a nearly perfect environment for new roots to burst out, just like the Kool-Aid Man bursting into your kitchen to deliver a delicious sugary drink. It has our stamp of approval, we all use it, so you should too.